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You Have To Envision What You Want

The majority of people never consider what they want in their lives. They may live without the insight of premeditative thoughts and essentially become victims of their own reality. Work is simply about a job, to offer a level of income to provide for the basics. Some may say life is happening to them. Others may say the burden of not deeply contemplating a different future is a blessing.

Yet there are a bunch of us who strive for improvement. We strive to develop not only ourselves but the world around us. The people within it. Inside, there may be a hungering for more. Is it meaning, contact or a richer understanding of life? No one has ever acquainted such individuals with the concept of perpetual possibility. A major aspect to manifesting the life you strive for is to think over your aspirations of life. What do you want to achieve? What impact do you want to make?

Visualise Your Ideal Future There is a great exercise which helps with understanding this. Take a sheet of paper or your journal and note the answers to the following questions. You may explore all areas of your life. It could be, your work, relationships, family, wellness, finances, fun etc:

  • What is my deepest want?

  • What would I like to achieve in my lifetime?

  • What would I like to achieve this year?

  • Where would I wish to be in five years?

  • Where would I wish to be twenty years?

  • What am I great at?

Now, take a minute or two to read through what you have written. What came up for you? Were there any surprises?

In this next part, we're going to work to set some action around your thoughts and categories. Once again, review your notes and go ahead and apply a rating for every topic that came up for you. How important is it on a scale of 1 to 5 to realise that particular thing? 1 becoming the least crucial to 5 becoming the most. Put a circled number in the midst of your notes

Now you have priorities in your life which will help you determine where you wish your attention to be. It's an easy equation: comprehend simply that you wish to spend most of your time with the most important matter on your list, spend less time with the other less crucial elements.

Breaking-Down Your Ideal Future

When I have run this exercise before, I often find that I have a series of 'fives' which can then be broken down a lot further. So let us explore that a little...

Grab your pen again. On a fresh page or piece of paper, write your top areas / notes as a title. Now, write down EVERYTHING you can think of that you need to do to make this happen. THINK BIG. Much of it may not seem realistic right now but it is important to note it down as it WILL happen.

Once done, review the list for a few minutes. Is there anything on there that you believe you can get on with today?

Programming Your Consciousness To Your Ideal Future Simply by doing this exercise, you have begun programming your consciousness to spend more time harmonizing with your list. Let's presume you'd like to execute on a grand idea for a business you want to launch within the next 12 months. This is your key goal, at the very top of your list. When you check into your thought process and you discover that you've not spent any of your spare time addressing this goal, you have a misalignment. The reality may set in that you might never accomplish your goal. When this occurs merely realize it and correct accordingly. TAKE ACTION. However small. Working all day only to sit down on your couch and watch television won't get you where you wish to be.

Taking Action To Realise Your Ideal Future It goes without saying that you have to take action to manifest your goal(s). This is where the breaking down of the goals is a key part of the exercise. Think of the goal as a mass array of micro-steps where the smaller you get, the easier it will become and more motivated you will be to action it

Let's face it... if your goal happens to be that you wish to be a millionaire inside 5 years, and you're spending only 5 minutes of your time every day to achieve this goal, then don't be surprised if your financial state of affairs never alters. This is the importance of taking action

To take action though, there may be a few things to look at, for instance:

  • Take action by signing on for class

  • Enrol in a (virtual) seminar on a matter that fascinates you

  • Attend a workshop that centres on your interest

  • Spend time at places where you are able to meet likeminded individuals (outside of COVID!)

Build A Consistent Structure; Embrace The Dismay

There's another crucial aspect of manifestation here that calls for consistency. Let's presume you've made your priority list and everything on your list feels great up to now. It's really crucial that you are in emotional concord with your goals – they have to feel correct to you. If you merely make goals in your mind that are not useful to you then you'll discover yourself having a difficult time working to accomplish them. What occurs with most individuals scenario is that they have a goal that feels correct for them, then they begin working at their goal. Put differently, they place their attention into making their goal a fact. A couple of weeks go by and nothing occurs. Now dismay kicks in and the goal for some reason appears unreachable, the motivation is impacted. This is the point where you have to feel your dismay. Don't simply place it away or discount it – face it as totally and consciously as you are able to. This may be unpleasant for you however it will help you get nearer to your goal. How is this? When you wish to alter your reality you evidently have to do something different than what you've done previously. So this is where the truth check comes in. You look around and can't see any change. But changes might have already happened in your thinking and conduct. You might have set matters in motion that you can't yet see. Dismay sets in when you presume that matters ought to be happening sooner than you're ready for them. Remember – there are no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic time frames. So feel your dismay and let it resolve. View what you've done and realign your strategies. If one way doesn't lead to success don't quit at that point – merely attempt another. If you stick with a goal you'll accomplish it. Occasionally you might push too hard when you simply have to let go and take the pressure off. You question yourself at this point, trusting there's nothing you are able to achieve. Go to the place in your brain where you know you can't bomb. Reading a book or viewing a motivational movie might help to get you realigned with your mighty source.

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day!!


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