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Struggling to Achieve Your Goals? Try this

It is very easy to get so worried about the challenge facing you that you just quit. Discouragement may come at the smallest hurdle. You may see your problem as one that is so big and scary that there's really no way you can achieve it.

You might as well just give up. You might as well lose all hope. . This is the kind of thing you tell yourself. If any of these enter your frame of mind though, you are simply just taking the path of least resistance. You're looking at the situation from the perspective of somebody who wants it all but not put in the effort.

If you are serious about coming out on top and smashing your goals, every challenge does not have to be huge and scary. Every challenge does not have to have the potential of crushing you and stealing your dreams.

Instead, if you have the right mindset, every challenge is actually going to be an opportunity. Think about it. If you are faced with a challenge that really pushes you back against the wall and incentivizes you to step up, what do you think will happen?

That's right. Your natural imagination, resourcefulness, and creativity are triggered. You figure out a way forward. If you can't get through the front door, you will try the roof. If the roof doesn't work, you try the basement. If the basement is blocked off for whatever reason, you will try the side door. If that doesn't work, then you will try the back door.

If today is not an option, then you will try tomorrow. If that is off-limits, then you will try the next day. In other words, you challenge yourself to become a more competent person all around by tackling every challenge you come across.

One of the most powerful revelations you could ever realize is that every challenge is doable if you chop it down to size. Every challenge actually has many different moving parts. If you pick these apart and you attack one piece at a time in many different sequences, chances are you will achieve a breakthrough.

A recent radio advert resonates with me on this. It was a math teacher talking about how he began his career as a teacher. How he used to struggle with math problems because he treated them all as one huge problem. He learned though that any problem is a series of micro-problems.

Think about it. If anything, you become a different person as you go through this process of breaking the problem down. This is what a lot of people miss. They're always looking for the short cut or, worse yet, they're waiting for somebody to pull them out of their situation because they have completely given up on coming up with a solution of their own.

If any of this sounds familiar and you are sick and tired of being stuck where you are as far as your challenges and your self-confidence goes, click here for a practical road map for developing real self-confidence.

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