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Mindful Moments of the Week #32

Here are this week's set of guided mindfulness practices. This week we follow another flow of firstly practising patience before giving ourself space, recognising positivity & instilling gratitude. A great grounding start to the week. Check-out my Youtube videos at the end too. Enjoy!

The Practice of Patience: Typically, we are in a rush. We may always be doing something even when we're doing nothing. 'Killing time'. Browsing social media, news sites, playing games, etc. In this practice, we explore how we can be mindful even in the activities which we use to 'kill time'. Introducing a new spin on the small things we do in the day.

Space for Feeling: How often do you give yourself space to think about and feel the emotions you are experiencing? Our emotions can tell us a lot about our experiences and so let's take the time to explore them a little.

Releasing the Pressure Valve: We may regularly experience profound pressure in our lives, whether personal or work-related. Here we look at how we can bring some softness to the experience we are facing to drive ourselves to release that pressure

Accentuate the Positive: Esteemed Psychologist Rick Hanson talks a lot about the negativity bias our minds operate around. In this exercise, we explore shifting perspectives from one of negativity to positioning positive experiences in our mind.

Leading with Purpose: When we have a clear sense of purpose we can achieve profound things. Without one, we may find ourselves lost or maybe coasting. In this exercise, we explore some thoughts around what being a leader means whilst discovering what we want to achieve as a leader. A profound discovery and visionary exercise.


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