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Mindful Moments of the Week #31

Here are this week's set of guided mindfulness practices. The focus this week orients around the power of the mind with related practices on a positive mindset and gratitude. A great grounding start to the week. Enjoy!

The Power of the Mind: The mind is a wonderful thing. It helps to build images, assess our environment & essential to dream. However, it also causes us to overthink, overanalyze, and nay become stressed when responding to certain situations. In this exercise, we explore the changing mind and how our thoughts are EXACTLY what we want them to be when we focus our attention accordingly

Accentuate the Positive: Esteemed Psychologist Rick Hanson talks a lot about the negativity bias our minds operate around. In this exercise, we explore shifting perspectives from one of negativity to positioning positive experiences in our mind

The Moving World: Our World is constantly moving, but do we ever pay attention to even the smallest elements of movement? In this exercise, we take a break from the rigours of life and look at the various things around us whose subtle movements can help us to relax and de-stress

Leading with Purpose: When we have a clear sense of purpose we can achieve profound things. Without one, we may find ourselves lost or maybe coasting. In this exercise, we explore some thoughts around what being a leader means whilst discovering what we want to achieve as a leader. A profound discovery and visionary exercise

Gratitude is Not The Word: We may say we are grateful. We may practice gratitude. But do we really mean it? Do we feel it? In this exercise, we explore the practice of gratitude and how it makes us feel. The physical sensations associated with the practice


This week, following the launch of Tranquil we are pulling other content and materials to help you on your journey.

(1) FREE Month of Waking Up App: I am a massive fan of the Sam Harris Waking Up App. It has quickly become my go-to meditation App. As an offer, I am fortunate to be able to gift you 1 month of usage on the App to give it a go. Sign-up here

(2) Tranquil Led Offers: As the Tranquil Led website matures, we've recently added a lot more content included toolkits, exercises and masterminds. You can find out more by clicking below:

(3) Pending Email Updates: Do you want super cool content such as the above directly into your mailbox? We're in the process of setting up email subscriptions to get articles, exercises, tips and tricks sent directly to all of you. Hold tight and a sign-up form will be here shortly!

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