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Mindful Moments of the Week #26

Here are this week's set of guided mindfulness practices. The focus this week is on stopping, patience and creating more belief in your life. I also include a couple of extras too:

Recognising Needs: Have you ever thought about how your thoughts and feelings may be subconsciously telling you something that you should really pay attention to? In this practice, we explore experiences to see if we can tune in to some of the needs that may arise, particularly around well-being and freedom to be ourselves.

You Can Handle This: Do you truly believe in your abilities? In this practice, we look at instilling confidence regardless of the situation that you are facing. The practice looks to plant a recognition that the experiences we are currently facing will pass and that we always tend to get through them.

Space for Feeling: Do you ever give yourself space to absorb an experience or situation you are facing? In this practice, we do just that. The methods used here can help us to build a non-reactive state to the situations that we face. It helps us tremendously in responding to challenges.

Resting the Mind: How often do you purposely slow down? This practice gives you the opportunity to train the mind to slow down when it becomes overactive, and helps you practice ease and relaxation instead of perpetuating those difficult mental states.

The Practice of Patience: Here we explore how we can use the time where we would normally distract ourselves to enhance our mindfulness practice. Example scenarios may when we are waiting in line, waiting for a friend, etc. This practice can help us to reframe our otherwise 'dead time'.


This week, following the launch of Tranquil we are pulling other content and materials to help you on your journey.

(1) FREE Month of Waking Up App: I am a massive fan of the Sam Harris Waking Up App. It has quickly become my go-to meditation App. As an offer, I am fortunate to be able to gift you 1 month of usage on the App to give it a go. Sign-up here (Note that I get no commission from this)

(2) Introduction to Mindfulness Course: The Tranquil Led website was launched recently alongside the first part of a journey on discovering a sense of purpose. Check the website below

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