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Mindful Moments of the Week #24

Here are this week's set of guided mindfulness practices. The focus this week is on purpose, positive mindsets & leading your life the way YOU want to lead your life. I also include a couple of extras too:

The Practice of Journaling: Studies have proven that journaling has extension benefits whether increasing happiness, reducing stress, exploring new ideas & more. In this guide, we explore how to journal in a mindful way. This exercise is about setting yourself up for a successful journaling practice.

The Power of the Mind: The mind is a wonderful thing. It helps to build images, assess our environment & essential to dream. However, it also causes us to overthink, overanalyze, and nay become stressed when responding to certain situations. In this exercise, we explore the changing mind and how our thoughts are EXACTLY what we want them to be when we focus our attention accordingly.

Accentuate the Positive: Esteemed Psychologist Rick Hanson talks a lot about the negativity bias our minds operate around. In this exercise, we explore shifting perspectives from one of negativity to positioning positive experiences in our mind.

Leading with Purpose: When we have a clear sense of purpose we can achieve profound things. Without one, we may find ourselves lost or maybe coasting. In this exercise, we explore some thoughts around what being a leader means whilst discovering what we want to achieve as a leader. A profound discovery and visionary exercise.

Day of Gratitude: What are you grateful for in your day? Gratitude is an incredibly powerful practice yet we may rarely stop to truly take in all we are grateful for. In this exercise, we explore even the simplest acts of gratitude.


This week, following the launch of Tranquil we are pulling other content and materials to help you on your journey.

(1) FREE Month of Waking Up App: I am a massive fan of the Sam Harris Waking Up App. It has quickly become my go-to meditation App. As an offer, I am fortunate to be able to gift you 1 month of usage on the App to give it a go. Sign-up here (Note that I get no commission from this)

(2) Introduction to Mindfulness Course: The Tranquil Led website was launched recently alongside the first part of a journey on discovering a sense of purpose. Check the website below

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