• Stephen Baines

Mindful Moments of the Week #22

Here are this week's set of guided mindfulness practices, both meditation-focused and non-meditative focused practices. Each has a specific theme and narrative surrounding them:

The Practice of Journaling: Studies have proven that journaling has extension benefits whether increasing happiness, reducing stress, exploring new ideas & more. In this guide, we explore how to journal in a mindful way. This exercise is about setting yourself up for a successful journaling practice.

The Practice of PatienceTypically, we are in a rush. We may always be doing something even when we're doing nothing. 'Killing time'. Browsing social media, news sites, playing games, etc. In this practice, we explore how we can be mindful even in the activities which we use to 'kill time'. Introducing a new spin on the small things we do in the day.

Caring for Yourself: Remember the Oxygen Mask analogy? The same applies to life in general. In order to help others, you yourself must in a good mental and physical state. Otherwise, you risk both your own wellbeing as well as others. It might sound selfish, but it completely isn't simply because we can BETTER serve others when we are in a good place. We explore this concept of self-care through this practice

Space for Feeling: How often do you give yourself space to think about and feel the emotions you are experiencing? Our emotions can tell us a lot about our experiences and so let's take the time to explore them a little.

The Foundation of All AbundanceWe may not truly recognize the value that a lot of things in our life have. Until they are lost anyway. Here we reference one of Eckhart Tolles quotes about acknowledging the good and hone in our expression of gratitude

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