• Stephen Baines

Fundamentals of a Purpose-Led Life Course Launch

How would you feel if your work was your passion? At Tranquil Led, we believe everyone should know their purpose in life and have alignment between that purpose and their work. Otherwise, we are just drifting, right?

Live now is the first of a series of courses guiding us on a journey to find and explore our own purpose in life.

The Fundamentals of a Purpose-Led Life course is one part of a journey to discovering your true purpose and calling. Here we start with an introduction to Mindfulness. After all, the start of all things great has to start with our inner selves.

In this 14 Module course, you will be guided on a journey starting with the very basics of mindfulness and breathwork before concluding with deep-focused meditation practices including body scan, labeling, visualization & more.

This course is forming part of a pending series on life transition and building your purpose-led life.

You can sign-up for this course at an Introductory Rate to celebrate the hugely successful launch of the Tranquil Led website right HERE

I look forward to hearing the impact of the course on your life.

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