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Five Bullet Leadership #33

Here is your weekly dose of the best articles I've enjoyed and shared from the week gone by in the Conscious Leadership space along with a couple of bonuses right at the end

Are you Safe? Psychological Safety is a growing concept, with this question of safety covering three basic human needs: survival, belonging & becoming. In his article, Ryan covers deeper layers around this great leadership question #leadership #mindset

Do you talk to yourself? Last week, my wife & I spoke about this. Turns out, she has NO internal dialogue whereas mine is very vocal. I thought it was a normal thing! Anyway, the post offers great insight into more vocal parts of 'talking to ourself'

Do you have a BIG goal in life? If you're struggling to pin it down, I offer my thoughts on ways to explore this, ready for the New Year. Couple this with my last video on breaking goals down & you're in a great place to kick-on! #mindset #goals #vision

Are you exercising? Exercise is a key part of our wellbeing & happiness yet there are times when we simply may not feel like going out. I see these as important considerations when planning exercise. Keep an eye out for a video I have coming up on this soon #mindset#wellness

As a leader, how do you drive psychological safety in your team? Coaching is an important step towards moving towards creating that 'safe' environment. For me, a coaching mindset is the difference between a good & a great leader #coaching #leadership


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