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Five Bullet Leadership #32

Here is your weekly dose of the best articles I've enjoyed and shared from the week gone by in the Conscious Leadership space along with a couple of bonuses right at the end

As a leader, how do you drive psychological safety in your team? Coaching is an important step towards moving towards creating that 'safe' environment. For me, a coaching mindset is the difference between a good & a great leader #coaching #leadership

What has been your go-to stress reliever during 2020? If you need some suggestions leading up to the festive period, here are 18 ideas including weighted blankets, breathwork, and reading #mindfulness #calm #stress

Do you journal? If not, check this out... once again, studies have proven the positive mental impact of a regular journaling practice. This time it is about boosting your immune system and your mental health. Check-out more here #journaling #mindfulness

Have you reflected on your current journey recently to understand if it aligns with your vision & purpose for life? I found this post helpful in offering reflections to help pin-point our purpose & passions #mindset #purpose

My Neurogenesis Research Review: I'm writing a Research Review on the role of Neurogenesis within the adult brain... It's amazing to think about how much mindfulness ACTUALLY benefits the brain. Bear with me here... Neurogenesis describes the birth of new neurons in our adult brain. Although there are still unknowns about neurogenesis or even why/how it occurs, it happens in areas of the brain such as the Hippocampus. Neurogenesis has been proven to play a key role in our cognitive functions, learning, memory, behaviour, & quite frankly, a lot more key activities. HOWEVER... Neurogenesis has also been proven to vastly deteriorate, if not halt, in times of stress. What's more, is that there are strong links between mental disorders (i.e. depression, anxiety etc) and a 'blockage' of Neurogenesis. Think about this next time you consider prioritising other things over your mental health


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