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Five Bullet Leadership #30

Here is your weekly dose of the best articles I've enjoyed and shared from the week gone by in the Conscious Leadership space along with a couple of bonuses right at the end

To what degree do you embrace your inner child? We've explored this a lot with Barefoot Coaching Ltd in the last few weeks. I find them brilliant exercises to ensure we align on our purpose. Anna explores idea on how to do this here #mindfulness#coaching

10 Simple Exercises To Build Mental Toughness: In these times I think we could all use more 'mental toughness'. Here are ten tips to help you to build more mental strength and resilience #mindfulness #EQ #mindfulness #mindset

In your development, how much do you focus on EQ? A couple of months ago I met a leader whose IQ was evidently super-high. Yet his EQ was rock-bottom. He was cold. Dismissive. Disengaging. Zero connection. EQ & great leadership go hand-in-hand #leadership

Do you regularly seek feedback THEN put plans in place to action it? Here we describe Coachability which is the ability to do just this, with humility & recognising the pitfalls. So many nuggets in here on self-development approaches #coaching #mindfulness

Do you operate outside of your comfort zone? In this historic blog, I explored my experiences & offered my best advice for pulling yourself out of your comfort zone. After all, our most impactful learning experiences happen there! #mindfulness #career


(1) FREE Month of Waking Up App: I am a massive fan of the Sam Harris Waking Up App. It has quickly become my go-to meditation App. As an offer, I am fortunate to be able to gift you 1 month of usage on the App to give it a go. Sign-up here

(2) Tranquil Led Offers: As the Tranquil Led website matures, we've recently added a lot more content included toolkits, exercises and masterminds. You can find out more by clicking below:

(3) Pending Email Updates: Do you want super cool content such as the above directly into your mailbox? We're in the process of setting up email subscriptions to get articles, exercises, tips and tricks sent directly to all of you. Hold tight and a sign-up form will be here shortly!

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