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Five Bullet Leadership #25

Here is your weekly dose of the best articles I've enjoyed and shared from the week gone by in the Conscious Leadership space along with a couple of bonuses right at the end

Have your own limiting beliefs ever stopped you from doing anything? Me too! Brit + Co founder @brit explores limiting beliefs & the ways you can create a positive mindset. This is one I have flagged for continued reference! #positivemindset #mindfulness

Can you honestly say that you are looking after your well-being? Gildshire explores the importance of relaxation time given its importance on wellbeing & ways you can make it happen with @BeTranquilLed supporting in this space #mindfulness #wellness

Do you often struggle to achieve your goals? If so, breaking your goals down may be the key to your success going forward. It is far too common to only see the big picture, yet small experimental increments offer better chance of success #positivemindset

Look this way if you’ve recently found yourself feeling more stressed or anxious than usual. Kayleigh Dray talks about how we could see the mind like a sink. Accepting & letting go of experiences which have the potential to impact our health #mindfulness

Who is holding you to account for your mental and physical wellness? Here my thoughts and experiences on wellness and accountable in a snapshot video


(1) FREE Month of Waking Up App: I am a massive fan of the Sam Harris Waking Up App. It has quickly become my go-to meditation App. As an offer, I am fortunate to be able to gift you 1 month of usage on the App to give it a go. Sign-up here (Note that I get no commission from this)

(2) Tranquil Led Launch: The Tranquil Led website was launched recently alongside the first part of a journey on discovering a sense of purpose. You can sign-up for your 14-day immersion into Mindfulness here for a one-off fee of $497. Check the website below:

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