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Five Bullet Leadership #22

Here is your weekly dose of the best articles I've enjoyed and shared from the week gone by in the Conscious Leadership space along with a nice announcement and update on my end:

Overcoming Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace: Unhealthy stress & anxiety is commonplace in the workplace, particularly in these times where COVID has taken over. Here I explore the impact of unmanaged stress & offering of some tools to improve your responses #leadership #mindfulness #stress

Investigating Your Emotions Without Suppressing Them: We may feel we have the suppress our emotions to protect our careers. However, investigating our emotions gives us a real good career development opportunity. Here are Mindful found Barry Boyce views #mindfulness

Why You Must Slay Your Mindset And Stop Self-Sabotage To Achieve Your Goals: Self-sabotage is rife as a recent research post I shared shown. We are 110% our own worst critic. Russell Brand says “The way to stop self-sabotage is to address what’s behind it. Something inside you isn’t being heard.” #mindset

The True Impact of Conscious Leadership Development in the Workplace: These data shared by Peter Bostelmann, SAP Chief Mindfulness Officer, and Rich Fernandez, CEO of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI), yesterday during the Change Maker Forum, highlights the significant impact of a mindfulness-based emotional program on the bottom line

5 Psychological Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem: On a scale of 1-5, how much do you love yourself? Does this sound like a weird question? You’d be surprised how many people will not answer in the affirmative & so let us explore to help boost our self-esteem #mindfulness

Announcement: The Tranquil Led website was launched this week alongside the launch of the inaugural first part of a journey on discovering a sense of purpose. Check the website here and the course here

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