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Are you Prioritising your Mental Fitness?

Today is World Mental Health Day and so herein are my thoughts on the importance of mental fitness and where we should focus our efforts more.

The pandemic has brought a whole new challenge to our lives. Something that the vast majority of us have never experienced before. It has brought with it disconnection from friends and family, insecurity in our careers, and for many of us, an impact on our physical health.

If I had said barely twelve months ago that we would be facing this situation, I think it would be fair to say the vast majority of you would not have believed me. But here we are. Living an almost total disruption to our way of life.

So why is it more important than ever to focus on mental fitness now? I have covered the importance of mindset in a lot of my videos and posts lately. And a positive outlook is exactly what we need right.

In any challenging time that we face, we have a choice. A choice to succumb to the voices in our head that tell us that it is all bad. Our a second and more viable warming voice telling us that there is a way out. A way forward. An escape.

Now, don't get me wrong. Focusing on the positive choice is a lot easier said than done. Looking after your mental fitness to create this positive outlook is far from impossible though. It is all about the small steps. Here are my tips:

Reflect: Reflecting back on your experiences is an important part of looking after yourself. Multiple options are available to you here. Journaling is a personal favourite. Taking time to just sit and think is more than enough though

Explore Meditation: First-and-foremost, I am not been preachy here. I recall a conversation with a friend yesterday who noted that he has seen a significant improvement in his mindset just by taking 10 minutes a day to focus on breathing exercises. Tranquil Led offers a bunch of free resources on this on our YouTube channel. Similarly, I fully endorse the Waking Up App as my go-to practice tool

Exercise: Build a habit of moving. Tony Robbins emphasises the importance of movement in almost all his talks. Now, this doesn't have to be anything specific. Just think about what you might enjoy and give it a go. No pressure. It may be running, cycling, walking, skiing, climbing. The important part here is to make it something you enjoy and build the habit

Express Gratitude: Our lives have been turned upside down. Yet we still have a great amount to be grateful for. Express gratitude a few times per day for the things you have in your life. It may be your home, your family, your friends, your job. Go to town on this one. It has a lot of power in shifting our mindset

Now more than ever is a time that we need to be prioritizing our mental fitness. Doing so will help to get us through these challenging times and see us prosper on the other side

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